Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Sometimes, situations in life gets in the way of our sense of wholeness leaving even the strongest person feeling small, frail, vulnerable, hopeless, and struggling to find our way back to ourselves and our loved ones. This can result in feelings of isolation, or like the relationships, lives, and circumstances we are experiencing are unmanageable, unbearable or out of control. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger management, grief and loss, lack of self-esteem or relationship issues, or any myriad of other issues, there is hope!

By incorporating a variety of proven therapeutic techniques, I will tailor my approach to your specific needs. Together, we will identify your inner strengths, enhance your resiliency, and work on developing skills that will free you from the debilitating hold the issues you’re dealing with have on you and your life. If you just want someone to talk to, that’s okay, too.



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